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Items Specification
Model Super ES-2
Spinning arrangement Vertical, Horizontal, Inert Gas Spinning, Under solvent spinning
Input voltage 90-240 VAC+/-
H.V. Power supply Voltage output Range : 0-50 KV and 0-60 KV Output Current : 0-400 uA and 0-1 mA Dual Digital Panel Meter for Voltage and Current Voltage Regulation : Variable as desired Constant voltage and constant current mode Built-in arc protection circuit Overload trip protection available
Syringe Pump Single channel and Dual channel with independent control Flow rate : 0.1 ml/hr to 1000 ml/hr Programming : Multistage programming Control : Volume, Time, Spray time Flow and Diameter Acceptable Syringe size : 1 ml to 60 ml Control : Microprocessor control
Spinneret Co-axial nozzle for making core-shell, hollow and Bi-component fiber Multi-nozzle for high throughput Single Nozzle Tri-Axial spinneret
Flow rate 0.1μl/min - 3ml/min
Collector Drum Collector : Diameter : 50 mm Length: 200 mm Drum Collector : Diameter : 100 mm Length : 200 mm Drum Collector : Diameter : 2 mm Length : 200 mm Drum Collector : Diameter : 5 mm Length : 200 mm Disc Collector : Diameter : 100 mm Width : 10 mm Plate Collector : 200 mm X 200 mm
Spinning Chamber/Fume Hood Exhaust Fan with good ventilation arrangement Inert gas purging facility Static removal device-residual charge discharge stick HV power supply will shut down when door is opened UV Light Arrangement White light arrangement Glass door
Collector RPM 200 - 5500 RPM
Single Nozzle Variable nozzle size
Multi Nozzle 4 Nozzle with variable nozzle size
Core Shell nozzle Variable nozzle size
Humidity Display (Control Optional)
Chamber Temp. atm - 70°C
Syringe Temp. atm - 200°C
Ventilation Inbuilt exhaust fan
Power light 20 watt Two LED lights
U.V. light 1 U.V. light
Emergency stop Inbuilt emergency stop button
Main switch Inbuilt On / Off button
Accessories Needles with blunt end and lure lock compatibility Syringes with Glass/PP/Teflon body and lure lock Syringe heater up to 150 oC Standard spinning samples (50 ml) Branded laptop will be provided along with machine UPS and Computer
Foot print 840 X740 X 1700 mm
Construction material Aluminium, Glass, Aluminium composite sheet, Granite sheet, Plastic

Detail Specification