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Items Specification
Model Super ES-1
Spinning arrangement Vertical, Horizontal, Co-Spinning, Under Liquid
Input Voltage 90-240 VAC+/-
H.V. Power Supply 0-30 KV, 20 W, 0-400 μA ( 40 & 50 KV Optional)
Syringe pump Single channel (Two channel optional)
Flow rate 0.1μl/min - 3ml/min
Static collector 200 mm X 200 mm
Drum collector D=100 mm, L=200 mm
Disc collector D=100 mm, W=10 mm
Collector RPM 100 - 3500 RPM
Single nozzle Variable nozzle size
Multi nozzle 4 Nozzle with variable size
X-Axis Stage Manual adjustment
Y-Axis Stage Manual adjustment
Z-Axis Stage Manual adjustment
Humidity Display
Temperature Display (Temperature control optional)
Ventilation Inbuilt exhaust fan
Power light 20 Watt LED lights
Emergency stop Inbuilt emergency stop button
Main switch Inbuilt On / Off button
Accessories Syringes with needles, Silicon tube, Teflon connectors, Spinning samples
Foot Print 840 X740 X 760 mm
Construction Material Aluminium, Glass, Aluminium composite sheet, Granite sheet, Plastic

Detail Specification