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Items Specification
Model Super ES-2
Spinning arrangement Vertical, Horizontal, Co-Spinning, Under Liquid
Input voltage 90-240 VAC+/-
H.V. Power supply 0-50 KV, 20 W, 0-400 μA ( 100 KV Optional)
Syringe pump Two channel with independent control
Flow rate 0.1μl/min - 3ml/min
Static collector 200 mm X 200 mm
Drum collector 1 D=100 mm, L=200 mm
Drum collector 2 D=50 mm, L=200 mm
Rod collector D=100 mm, L=200 mm
Disc collector D=100 mm, W=10 mm
Collector RPM 200 - 5500 RPM
Single nozzle Variable nozzle size
Multi nozzle 4 Nozzle with variable nozzle size
Core Shell nozzle Variable nozzle size
X-Axis Stage Computer Control
Y-Axis Stage Computer Control & transverse motion adjustment
Z-Axis stage Manual adjustment
Humidity Display (Control Optional)
Chamber Temp. atm - 70°C
Syringe Temp. atm - 200°C
Ventilation Inbuilt exhaust fan
Power light 20 watt Two LED lights
U.V. light 1 U.V. light
Emergency stop Inbuilt emergency stop button
Main switch Inbuilt On / Off button
Accessories Syringes with Needles, Silicon tube, Teflon connectors, Spinning samples
Foot print 840 X740 X 1700 mm
Construction material Aluminium, Glass, Aluminium composite sheet, Granite sheet, Plastic

Detail Specification